So… Make a new canvas, and fill it with black colour (#000000). Please note that this tutorial will only good against dark, ideally – black background. We leave a dark border around the text, which is invisible to you now, though if we take a lighter hue for the bg, you will notice that the effect looks different, a lot less interesting.

Next, type a word on your canvas. Make sure you use a very bold font. We used ‘Yikes!’ for this tutorial.

Go to Layer >> Layer Styles >> Blending Options, and apply the following settings:

Inner Glow
Bevel and Emboss
Texture you can use our texture image, just download the PSD file and pull it from there, or alternatively load it yourself. Click HERE to download the pattern image.
Pattern Overlay Do not skip this step, else your gold will look too dull without soft shades that this pattern overlay gives. If you do not have the pattern image, you may use ours, from Herringbone Text Effect – yes, I used the same one, how creative

This is what you got so far:

Now, take the eraser tool, round, 9px, and draw a straight horizontal line in the middle of the text, as shown on the image below:

That’s it. Your result is ready. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, please ask any question below or just download the psd file and analyze yourself



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